Sole Proprietorship

If you have decided to perform business as a sole trader or as a proprietor then the business name has to be registered with one of many options available such as GST, IE code, MSME etc., with the government to make the business legal and to get bank account on the company name.

How to register a Sole Proprietorship company in India?


Fill up the proprietorship form with correct information


Upload necessary documents for us to file with the authorities


Get your registration certificates after the process is completed

*You will be updated regularly about the stages of completion and progress in acquiring registration

Sole Proprietorship

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  • To register a Sole Proprietorship, you would need the following documents:
  • Aadhar card or any identity proof
  • Self PAN card
  • Business account (Current account)
  • Address Proof (Rent Agreement, Electricity Bill)

Advantages of sole proprietorship registration

Quick Start:

Within a week's time you can start your business, saving you time and money.

Single Ownership:

Single ownership means fewer complications, along with quicker decisions since only one person is involved.

No Restriction For Business Name:

There is no need to register or reserve the name for proprietorship purposes, you can directly start the business on any name of your choice.

Easy Closure:

With minimal formalities involved, the closure procedure is very simple


A sole proprietorship is not a legal entity and refers to a person who owns a business and is personally liable for its debts.

You can register a Proprietorship firm just by following the steps mentioned below:
Fill out the Proprietorship Form
Upload relevant documents and we will file them with relevant authorities

You can register your proprietorship firm at just rupees Rs. 5900/- through NextGenMunshi.

When a single person runs a business, the business is termed as proprietary business, and the owner of the business is anointed as a proprietor.

Any Indian citizen who is a resident of India can become a proprietor

There is no specific amount mentioned as a proprietorship firm can be incorporated with any amount of capital.

GST and Income Tax Returns must be filed by a partnership firm.

Yes, you can convert it.

No, physical presence is not required. You can share the documents online or through WhatsApp with us and we will register a company for you.

A sole proprietorship cannot be transferred as a whole rather one can transfer assets of the proprietorship from one person to another and negotiate on the liabilities of the proprietorship.

Yes, a minimum of one person is required to start a proprietorship.

With sole proprietorship proof, proprietor ID proof, proprietor Address proof, you can open a current account in the bank for a proprietorship.

No, unfortunately, an NRI cannot become a proprietor

The pricing chart is mentioned above and is very economical.

Scroll up to view a step by step process for acquiring proprietorship firm registration online.

Sole proprietorship companies are not viewed as separate legal entities from their owners and therefore there is no independent act for them.

You don’t need to download any form, simply scroll up and fill out the form.
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