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NextGenMunshi is a technology motivated platform to ease businesses get their mandatory registrations done with transparency. We are dedicated to helping start-ups, companies, or organizations monetize, defend, protect and expand their IP portfolios. we covers all the IP requirements of industries, such as Trademark Registration, Patent Registration, Design Registration, Copyright Registration, etc., all over India. We have worked with a large number of companies or organizations in India and helped them build a brand. we are committed to solving IP issues and challenges of players in the field of innovation comprising start-ups and facilitators by giving the most relevant solution, provided through its team of customer-focused industry IP professionals

About Us

What is NextGenMunshi?

A technology motivated platform, NextGenMunshi is your one-stop shop to ease the lengthy process of mandatory registrations. Dedicated to helping start-ups, companies, or organizations monetize, defend, protect and expand their IP portfolios, NextGenMunshi offers legal solutions to fasten your requirements seamlessly. From Trademark Registration to Patent Registration, Design Registration to Copyright Registration, the list is neverending, and NextGenMunshi has a solution for it all. Across India, facilitating service and solutions for big and small business entities, you will find all your answers here. We cover all types of IP requirements, registrations of firms and companies,

Why come to us?

With over two decades of unparalleled customer service and lighting fast fillings, there is no smarter choice than to appoint NextGenMunshi for quick legal solutions at the lowest fees across India. Here are the top 5 reasons that set us apart:

Competent | Cost-effective | Clear Timelines | Correct Advice | Customer Trust

What motivates us the most?

Our business-friendly nature goes beyond just typing out a form. Seeing customers file government documents can be an ordinary run-of-the-mill task for many but the joy we see when businesses find their foundation, start new ventures, share their ideas, every day is a new one and that makes us different from a form filling website. We understand business needs and guide you with the best solutions in the most timely manner.

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